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CKG offers its clients a full and comprehensive Traffic Management & Highway Safety Consultancy Service.  Not   only do we specialize in Traffic Management, Traffic Signing and Traffic Calming, we also offer other services within the Traffic Management & Highway Safety field.

These services are listed below:

Traffic Surveys and Inventories.

Vehicular, Pedestrian, Cyclist, Parking, TRO's, Signs, Turning, Classified etc.

Parking Schemes.

Car Park Studies and Layouts, Residents Only, Controlled Parking Zones, Secured schemes etc.

Route Enhancement Studies.

Survey a route, analyse accident data, recommend/design measures such as improved Signs, Lines, Traffic Calming etc.

Local Safety Schemes.

Develop and design accident remedial schemes whether at a single site, along a corridor or an area wide investigation..

Crash Reduction and Prevention Schemes.

Assess Accident Black Spots, Clusters of Crashes and promote measures to Reduce or Eliminate Conflicts and their Severity.

Road Safety Audit

Assess proposals for all Highway improvements, amendments and new build. Provide full safety reports for all 3 stages of a Road Safety Audit.

Road Marking Layouts.

New junctions, Amended Layouts, Car Parks, Cycle Tracks and Lanes etc.

Cycle and Public Transport Studies.

Design Cycle Lanes/Tracks/Routes and Bus Priority Measures such as Bus Lanes etc.

Active Variable Message, Interactive
and Intelligent Signs.

Advise, Design and locate Variable Message and Interactive Signs such as Pedestrian Zone Signs, Overheight Vehicles, Speed Limit Signs etc. 

Warning, Regulatory, and Informatory Signing.

Design and Advise of the types of Sign and Supplementary Plates to be used to achieve the True Message to Drivers.

Public Consultation.

Undertake all types of public consultation ranging from  questionnaires, leaflets, email and feedback sessions to public meetings and  exhibitions.