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"Traffic Calming" is best described as self-enforcing measures concerned with reducing excessive amounts of traffic in built-up areas, providing more space for pedestrians and cyclists, therefore, improving safety (and reducing or even eliminating crashes and conflicts), and enhancing the surrounding environment.

This can be achieved by reducing the speed of vehicles, and deterring the volume of traffic by making it difficult to pass through.  Traffic Calming measures can be applied to whole areas, individual streets, mixture of both (known as "Area Wide Traffic Calming"), town centres, villages, car parks, main arterial routes etc.

There are a variety of differing techniques that can be used, however, not every measure will have the same result to each location.

CKG offers expert advice to the Design, Consultation and Implementation of Traffic Calming techniques.  These include:

Road Humps & Cushions.

Flat Top Road Hump

Pinch Points.
Junction Speed Tables (Plateau).
Entry Treatments.
Gateway Treatments.
20mph Zones.  
Home Zones.  
Rumble Devices.  
Narrowings (Physical & Visual).

Coloured surface with Road Markings

Roundabouts (Normal & Mini).
Islands & Pedestrian Refuges.
Safety (Speed & Red Light Violation) Cameras.

Surface Colour & Texture Measures.

Streetscape Design.