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Everybody knows the volume of traffic on today's roads is increasing, thereby,
 reducing the capacity of the road which causes delays and congestion.

"Traffic Management" is the termed as "ways and measures of adjusting, accommodating 
or adapting the use of road space available without building new ones".

The key objective of introducing traffic management measures is to achieve one of the following:

Improve the flow of traffic, or specific types of traffic (e.g. bus/cycle priority measures).
Reduce the amount of crashes, therefore, reducing or eliminating casualties.
Enhance the environment by guiding traffic along certain types of route.
Aid the safety of users and persons whilst maintaining the highway.
Provide clear information to the road user, to aid their journey.

Prohibition of Driving with Cycle Facilities  Marker Posts & Chevron Sign to Highlight Bend

To achieve these objectives, CKG provides its clients with the following options:

Temporary Traffic Management - Road Works Layouts and Diversion Routes

Traffic Regulation Orders (Permanent and Temporary) - e.g. One-Way Traffic, Prohibition of Driving, Parking Restrictions, Width, Weight and Height Restrictions etc.

Traffic Surveys and Inventories - Vehicular, Pedestrian, Cyclist, Parking, TRO's, Signs etc.

Parking Schemes - Car Park Studies and Layouts, Residents Only, Controlled Parking Zones etc.

Route Enhancement Studies.
Crash Reduction and Prevention Schemes.

Road Marking Layouts - New junctions, Amended Layouts, Car Parks, Cycle Tracks and Lanes etc.

Cycle and Public Transport Studies.
Variable Message, Interactive and Intelligent Signs.
Warning, Regulatory, and Informatory Signing.
Direction Signing - Inventories, Strategies and Detailed Design.

Traffic Calming (Individual and Wide Area Schemes) - Road Humps, Cushions, Plateau, Pinch Points, Mini Roundabouts, Chicanes, 20 mph zones etc.